Milestones Necklace

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The perfect necklace to commemorate any significant milestones in your life! Why settle for the ttraditional gold or silver chains with stamped bars and circles with names on them? This necklace is for all you gritty gals who prefer a more subtle approach to honoring someone or something significant in your life. Add any number of disks to represent how many children you have, an anniversary, years sober, goals, dreams… you get the idea. This hand-crocheted necklace is made of ultra durable water resistant cording, combined with substantial precious metal clasps, designed to be the focal point. This leaves the back of your neck free of tangles and poking from those pesky little clasps, as well as making sure you never have to worry about moving your clasp back to the back because it has, yet again, ended up in the front! I don’t know about you, but that drives me crazy!! 

 I wear my Milestones necklace to signify my 2 children (in pewter) and my one angel baby (in gold). I sleep, shower, run and live in this necklace! 

 As each necklace is hand-crocheted, expect the occasional imperfection, which I like to think adds to the organic nature of this special handcrafted piece. 


  • sterling silver heart clasp
  • Base price $125, each disc individually priced
  • Handmade by me, in the USA!
  • Many color choices