Cheri Taliaferro Jewelry is for authentic gritty gals who won't sacrifice their power nor their femininity for any reason.

For her 12 years as a Smokejumper/Firefighter, Cheri often struggled with trying to choose between being tough and being pretty (It wasn't that long ago that women had to fight to be respected in a mainly male-dominated profession like fire, because being pretty could be seen as being weak.) She decided to combine the two with her jewelry brand, Cheri Taliaferro Jewelry.

She became a fire fighter in 1993, spending six years as a "Hot Shot," and eventually realized her dream of becoming a smokejumper, where she was employed for six more years.  

She spent her "off-season" working in Antarctica, at the South Pole and McMurdo, for the National Science Foundation, operating heavy equipment and working with military aircraft.

After traveling the world for over a decade she went to the ends of the earth to find the love of her life, Will Taliaferro. They met while working in Antarctica, married and now have 2 beautiful children.

Cheri's exposure to these extreme elements
"Fire and Ice" helped to develop her gritty, organic sense of style and creativity. And she is dedicated to helping tough chicks around the world feel pretty!


 "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you've imagined."