Wrapped Horseshoe Navy/Lime - Med

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Well, hello horseshoes!! Looking for the perfect handcrafted item for your insanely stylish room? Or maybe looking to actually MAKE your room insanely stylish? Look no further than these timeless and beautiful hand-wrapped horseshoes. They come in small (pony size) to XL (think Clydesdale), and an endless selection of colors and designs. I make these in small batches or as one of a kinds. This particular one is a one of a kind! Beautiful, classy shades of navy blue and lime green...understated yet trendy. 

Great for baby nurseries, over or next to your front door for good luck, in the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you need some luck or cheer. Made with genuine steel horseshoes and 100% cotton, all suspended from genuine suede lace. 

  • Genuine Steel horseshoe
  • Suede lace
  • 100% cotton
  • 4 1/2" wide by 5" tall
  • handcrafted in the USA